Manav Sampada Portal: Steps To Register, Login and Apply for Leave

The Manav Sampada Portal is a new online system made by the Uttar Pradesh government. It makes it easy for state workers to do important things. You can use this friendly website to get the services you need and make work simpler.

With the Manav Sampada, you can quickly ask for time off, get your pay stubs, and take care of your work and personal info. The goal is to make the government work better and be more open.

To use the Manav Sampada Portal, you need to be a government worker. First, go to the real website at and sign up. It’s not hard – you just put in easy facts about you and your job.

After you sign up, you’ll get a special username and password. Use those to log in to the portal. Then you can use all the tools. Asking for days off is a snap, since you do it all online. No more paper forms to fill out!

The Manav Sampada Portal also keeps all worker records in one place. This makes it simpler for you and your bosses to find and use key facts. Going digital like this is a big step to make the Uttar Pradesh government better.

What Makes Manav Sampada Portal Special

The Manav Sampada has lots of cool tools that make work life better for government workers. These new features help both employees and bosses, making jobs easier and workplaces more open.

  • User Profiles: The portal makes it simple to set up and keep worker profiles. This keeps facts correct and the same for everyone.
  • Online Records: You can see your work records on the computer. No more messy papers! It’s fast to change key facts when needed.
  • Time Off: Asking for days off is a breeze now. You send in the request online and your boss can say yes or no with just a few taps.
  • Job Changes: The portal makes it fair and clear when workers change jobs or move up. Everyone gets a fair shot at better roles.
  • Complaints: If you have a problem, you can tell the portal. This helps make work a place that cares more about what workers need.

By using these tools, the Manav Sampada Portal wants to make workers more excited and active in their jobs. In the end, this means people will do better work and help the people of Uttar Pradesh more.

How Manav Sampada Helps Workers

Government employees get a lot out of using the Manav Sampada Portal. It makes work life easier and better. Here are some of the big pluses:

  • Easy to Get To: You can use the portal any time from your phone or computer. This makes doing HR stuff easy no matter where you are.
  • Saves Time: Having HR tasks online cuts down on time spent doing paperwork by hand. This lets you focus more on your main job.
  • Clear and Open: The portal keeps things like time off, job changes, and promotions out in the open. This helps make work a place where people trust each other more.
  • Better Talking: It’s easier for workers and bosses to talk on the portal. Questions and worries get taken care of faster.
  • No More Paper: By going digital, the Manav Sampada Portal helps the planet too. We use less paper now for work.

As more workers start using the Manav Sampada, these good things will keep growing. In the end, workers in Uttar Pradesh will be happier and work harder in their jobs.

How to Sign Up & Log In

Before you can use the Manav Sampada Portal, your work has to sign you up first. Once they do that, it’s easy to log in. Just follow these steps:

  1. Go to the real website:
  2. Find the eHRMS login button and click it. Type in your user ID and password. Pick your department from the list.
  3. To keep things safe, you’ll get a special one-time code on your phone. Type that in to get to your account.
  4. If you’re new, your work will make your profile for you. You don’t have to do it.
  5. When you’re all signed up, you’ll get a user ID and a starter password. Use those to log in and start using the portal.

Follow these easy steps and you’ll be using the Manav Sampada Portal in no time. It has lots of great tools to help you out at work.

What’s Good About the Portal

The Manav Sampada makes work life a lot better for government workers. It makes HR stuff easier and faster. Here are some of the big things it does:

  • You can do all your HR things online in one place. Find facts and get help quick and easy.
  • No more paper! Things get done faster now. Less work for you and the HR people.
  • Your work record is clear for all to see. It’s easy to track how you’re doing and make sure reviews are fair.
  • Get to key papers like pay stubs, time off forms, and job books online. No need to keep track of real ones.
  • Save a bunch of time and money. You don’t have to go to a bunch of offices to do HR stuff anymore.

When you use the Manav Sampada Portal, dealing with HR is easier and nicer. In the end, you’ll be happier at work and get more done.

Asking for Time Off

The Manav Sampada makes it easy for UP government workers to ask for days off. Here’s what you do:

  1. Sign in to the portal with your user ID and password.
  2. Go to where you ask for time off. Pick the kind you want (like a vacation day or sick day).
  3. Say when you want the time off to start and end.
  4. Give a good reason why you need the days off. Put in phone numbers in case work needs you then.
  5. Send in your request. Your boss will look it over.

After you ask, you’ll get a message telling you if your time off is a yes or a no. This way of doing it is clear and fast. It helps you and your boss handle days off better.


What is the Manav Sampada Portal?

The Manav Sampada is a big website the UP government made to make HR easier for government workers. It has lots of tools and helps make work better and more open.

How do I sign up for the Manav Sampada Portal?

You don’t sign up on your own. Your work does it for you. They’ll make your account and give you a way to log in so you can get to the portal and use it.

What can I do on the portal?

The Manav Sampada has tons of HR things you can do, like get your pay stubs, ask for time off, see your work records, and find other key facts. It has what government workers need to make HR easier.

Is the Manav Sampada Portal just for UP government workers?

It started in UP, but it worked so well that

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