Bhulekh Odisha 2024: How To Find Land Record Odisha Bhulekh in Online

The Odisha government has started a new online system called Bhulekh Odisha. This easy-to-use website helps people to get their land record details quickly and easily. You can now see your land information online without any problem.

BhuNaksha Odisha has made checking land records in the state much better. In the past, you had to do it by hand which took a lot of time and work. But now, you can go online and find your plot details fast. This saves you effort and hassle.

Bhulekh Odisha Overview

Bhulekh Odisha is a big online collection of land records in the state. It gives people important information about who owns the land, what kind of land it is, how much it’s worth, and other details about properties all over Odisha.

Bhulekh Odisha HighlightsDetails
Portal NameBhulekh Odisha
Launched ByGovernment of Odisha
BeneficiariesCitizens of Odisha
ObjectiveProvide online access to land records
Official Website

Checking Land Records

To see your land records on the Bhulekh Odisha website, you need to give some specific information about your property. The website is easy to use and will help guide you through the steps to find your land record details.

  1. Go to the official Bhulekh Odisha website at
  2. Click on the “ROR View” option
  3. Choose your district, tahasil, village and RI circle
  4. Decide to search by Khata number, plot number or tenant name
  5. Type in the number or name and see your land record

Required Documents

To make it easy to check your land records on the Bhulekh Odisha portal, it’s important to keep some key information ready. Having these details with you will help you find your records faster:

  • Khata number of the land
  • Plot number of the land
  • Tenant name as written in land records
  • Village, tahasil and RI circle details where your land is

Bhulekh Odisha Map

The Bhulekh Odisha website has a special “Bhunaksha” feature that lets you see digital maps of land plots. These maps show you clearly where the boundaries of the plot are, making it simpler for people to find and understand their properties in the state.

Khata Number Search

Looking for land records using the Khata number is easy on the Bhulekh Odisha portal. You can get the information you want quickly by following these simple steps:

  1. Visit the Bhulekh Odisha website and click “ROR View”
  2. Choose your district, tahasil, RI circle and village
  3. Select the “Khatiyan” option
  4. Type in your Khata number and press enter
  5. You will see your land record details

Tenant Name Search

The Bhulekh Odisha portal also lets you find land records by searching with the tenant name, not just the Khata number. The steps are almost the same, but instead of choosing “Khatiyan,” you need to pick the “Tenant” option. Then just enter the person’s name to see their land record information.

Plot Number Search

  • Pick Your Location: Select your district, tahasil, village, RI circle
  • Choose “Plot”: Click on the “Plot” option
  • Type Plot Number: Enter the plot number of your land
  • See Record: Press enter to view your land record details

Bhulekh Services

The Bhulekh Odisha website offers many services, not just checking land records. You can see detailed land maps, pay your land tax online, and get information about revenue court cases. It’s a one-stop place for all your land-related needs in Odisha.


What is a Khata number?

In Odisha’s land records system, each piece of land gets its own special number called a Khata number. You need this number to find your land record information on the Bhulekh website. It’s very important for landowners to know their Khata number.

How can I find my Khata number?

You can find your Khata number on your land ownership papers, like sale deeds or partition deeds. It’s also usually written on your land tax receipt. These are good places to look for your Khata number.

Can I check land records of any district in Odisha?

Yes, the Bhulekh Odisha portal has land records for all districts in the state. When you search, you can choose any district you want from the drop-down list. This makes it easy for everyone in Odisha to get their land information.

Is there any fee for checking Bhulekh land records?

No, checking your land records on the Bhulekh Odisha portal is completely free. You don’t have to pay anything. This helps all citizens get the land details they need without spending money.

What if I face any issues in searching land records?

If you have any problems while using Bhulekh, first try refreshing the page or using a different web browser. If it still doesn’t work, you can contact the Bhulekh Odisha help team. Call them at 0671-2509582 or email at [email protected]. They will assist you so you can view your land records.

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