Sewa Setu Assam: How To Apply Process Sewa Setu Assam Registration & Login

The government of Assam has started Sewa Setu Assam. It is a new online system that makes it easy for people to use government services. With Sewa Setu, you can get the help you need from the government right from your computer or phone.

Sewa Setu has more than 500 government services that you can use. You can apply for different papers and licenses. You can also find out about programs that can help you. Sewa Setu Assam puts everything you need from the government in one place. The Sewa Setu Assam registration process is simple. Just go to the website and sign up to start using all the helpful services.

What Is Sewa Setu Assam?

Sewa Setu Assam is a new online system made by the government of Assam. It lets you use government services from your home using the internet. You don’t have to go to government offices in person.

Important ThingsWhat They Are
Name of SystemSewa Setu Assam
Other NameRTPS Portal
Made ByGovernment of Assam
Main GoalTo connect people and government
How to UseOnline
Who Can UsePeople living in Assam
Where to UseAssam

How Sewa Setu Helps You

Sewa Setu Assam makes it easy for you to work with the government. You can find important information, ask for services, and see how your requests are going all in one place. This saves you time and effort.

  1. You can easily find links to important services like ARTPS Services, Online Services, PFC Services, CSC Services, Land & Revenue, and Popular Services
  2. It shows that the government wants to be open and talk with people
  3. It uses technology to make government services better for you

How to Register and Login

To use all the helpful services on Sewa Setu Assam, you need to register and login. It’s easy for everyone to do. Just follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Sewa Setu website at using the internet
  2. Find the “Login/Registration” button and click it
  3. If you are new, click “Citizen” and then “Sign up for MeriPehchan” to make an account
  4. Type in your name, phone number, email and other details asked to finish registering
  5. If you already registered, you can login with your phone number and password on the ePramaan Login page

What Makes Sewa Setu Special

Sewa Setu Assam has many great features that make it a very helpful system. It connects many different government departments and councils so you can use lots of services in one place.

  • It has 541 services from 47 departments and three special councils, so you can find many government services together
  • It has over 50 services just for the needs of three special councils, so everyone can use the government fairly
  • It helps with land services through Mission Basundhara 2.0 and Mission Bwiswmuthi for the Bodoland Council
  • It has 362 special centers all over Assam to help people in faraway places get services

Services You Can Use

Sewa Setu Assam helps you get many different government services. You can get important certificates, licenses, and records easily through the system.

On Sewa Setu Assam, you can apply for Caste Certificates and get true copies of land records like Jamabandi or Chitha. You can also get vehicle fitness certificates. If you want to learn to drive, you can apply for a Learner’s License for different types of vehicles.

Checking Your Application Status

Sewa Setu Assam lets you easily check how your applications and complaints are going. You can see the latest status quickly, so you know what is happening.

  1. Login to your Sewa Setu account to check the status
  2. Find and click the “Track” button on the home page
  3. Choose if you want to check a service, appeal, or complaint
  4. For a service, type in your application number and click “Track” to see the status
  5. For an appeal, type in the Appeal ID number and click “Track” to get the latest update
  6. For a complaint, type in the mobile number you used and click “Track” to see where it’s at now

Questions You May Have

What is Sewa Setu Assam?

Sewa Setu Assam is a new online system made by the Assam government. It helps connect people with the government. You can easily use many government services, find information, and talk to the government through this one place.

How do I register on Sewa Setu Assam?

To start using Sewa Setu, go to the website Click “Login/Registration”, then pick “Citizen”, and “Sign up for MeriPehchan.” Type in your name, phone number, email and other details to finish registering. Then you can use many helpful services.

What services can I find on Sewa Setu?

You can get many government services on Sewa Setu Assam. This includes caste certificates, true copies of land records, vehicle fitness certificates, and applying for learner driver licenses. Check the easy-to-use website to see the many services that make working with the government simpler.

How do I check my application status on Sewa Setu Assam?

Sewa Setu lets you easily see how your application is going at every stage. Login to your account and click “Track”. Pick if it’s for a service, appeal or complaint. Type in the application number, Appeal ID or mobile number. Then you can quickly see the latest status of your request.

Can I use Sewa Setu services in person?

Yes! Sewa Setu Assam has 362 special centers called Public Facilitation Centres across Assam. These let you use Sewa Setu in person if you can’t use the internet or need help. You can go to one near you to get services directly.

Is there a helpline for Sewa Setu Assam?

Yes, you can call the Sewa Setu Assam helpline at 1800 345 3574 if you have any questions. The helpful team will assist you with using the website, explain its features, and give you any information you need. Feel free to call them anytime for support.

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