PMSSS Scholarship Scheme: How To Apply, Objective, Benefits and Eligibility Criteria

The PMSSS Scholarship Scheme is a program run by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE). It helps students from Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh pay for college outside their home area. This scholarship gives smart young people a chance to study at good schools across India. The PMSSS Scholarship started in 2010 when the Prime Minister got a group of experts together.

They wanted to find ways to give J&K and Ladakh youth more job choices. The group said 5000 new scholarships each year would be a good idea. This would get young people to go to college in other parts of India. The main goal of PMSS is to help J&K and Ladakh youth get better jobs. By helping them go to good colleges, the scheme tries to give them skills that companies want. This can lead to better jobs when they finish school.

Objectives of PMSSS Scholarship

The PMSSS Scholarship aims to give J&K and Ladakh students more chances. It’s not just about giving money – the program works hard to make sure students know about it and can use it well.

  • Pay for school costs and living expenses
  • Set up clear rules for how it works
  • Tell students about the opportunity
  • Help students choose the right schools
  • Give money to students who qualify
  • Solve problems students have when applying

PMSSS Scholarship Benefits

The PMSSS Scholarship Scheme gives students money for school and daily needs. The amount changes based on what you study. Here’s a breakdown:

Course TypeNumber of ScholarshipsAcademic FeeMaintenance Allowance
General Degree2070Up to ₹30,000₹1,00,000 per annum
Professional/Engineering2830Up to ₹1,25,000₹1,00,000 per annum
Medical100Up to ₹3,00,000₹1,00,000 per annum

Students get their living money in parts. They get ₹20,000 at first, then ₹10,000 each month for eight months. This helps them manage their money throughout the year.

Eligibility Criteria for PMSSS Scholarship

To get PMSS, you need to meet certain rules. These rules make sure the money goes to students who need it most.

  • You must live in J&K or Ladakh
  • You need good grades from a local school
  • Your family can’t earn too much money
  • Some students can join in the second year
  • You have to apply online – no paper forms

Some students can’t get PMSSS. This includes those in open universities, getting other scholarships, or studying outside India. The program focuses on helping local students study in other parts of the country.

PMSSS Scholarship Application Process

  1. Visit official website: Go to to start your application.
  2. Registration: Click on “PMSSS Registration” and create an account with your email.
  3. Fill application form: Provide details about yourself, your school, and your family’s income.
  4. Document upload: Add images of your ID, school papers, and proof of where you live.
  5. Submit application: Check everything and click the submit button.

After applying online, you need to visit a special center near you. They’ll check your actual papers to make sure everything matches what you put online. This step is very important – don’t miss it!

PMSSS Scholarship Selection Process

Getting chosen for PMSSS Scholarship isn’t just about luck. There’s a whole process to make sure the right students get help. Here’s how it works:

  • They check your papers once more
  • You choose which schools you prefer
  • They create a list of top students
  • You attend meetings to learn more
  • They tell you which school you can attend

The PMSSS Scholarship Scheme tries to be fair to everyone. They keep some spots for students from different groups, like those who don’t have as much money or come from certain backgrounds. This helps make sure many different people get a chance.

Courses Covered Under PMSSS Scholarship

PMSS isn’t just for one type of student. You can study many different things with this money. Here are some options:

  • Regular college subjects like history or math
  • Job-ready courses like engineering or hotel management
  • Doctor training and other health jobs

Sometimes, more students want to study one thing than another. PMSSS can adjust how many scholarships go to each type of course. This way, they can help as many students as possible.


Q1: How does PMSSS contribute to the development of J&K and Ladakh?

The PMSSS Scholarship helps J&K and Ladakh grow by giving their young people a chance. It’s like planting seeds for the future. Students learn new skills and ideas from all over India. When they return home, they bring new knowledge to help their communities improve.

Q2: What is the application period for PMSSS 2024-25?

Remember these dates! PMSSS Scholarship Scheme usually starts taking new students in May or June. The exact dates can change, so check the AICTE website around that time. Don’t wait too long – it’s better to be ready early!

Q3: Are there reservation policies in place under the PMSSS scholarship?

Yes, PMSSS makes sure different groups get a fair chance. They keep spots for students who might need extra help. This includes 8% for SC, 10% for ST, and 22% for other groups like those from less developed areas. It’s their way of making things fair for everyone.

Q4: Is there a provision for PMSSS scholarship renewal?

Good news – you can keep your PMSS scholarship each year! But there’s a rule. You need to do well in school and follow the guidelines. If you fail a year, you get one more try. But if it happens again, the scholarship ends. It’s PMSSS’s way of pushing students to study hard.

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